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PC Transplant Fails to Migrate when Microsoft Office Settings are Selected for Capture in Template


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All current versions of PC Transplant included with GSS 3.0, GSS 3.1, and Altiris 8.0 will fail on the migrate task when Microsoft Office products are selected in the PCT template with the "Settings" checkbox selected.  This includes MS Access, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word. Note this occurs on the migrate after the package is created with a capture task.  The capture will go through without issue.

There is no error message displayed on screen or logs.  The Migration simply fails and the PCTWiz executable exits very quickly.


GSS 3.1
GSS 3.0
Altiris 8.0

PCTWiz versions 6.8.2101, 6.8.2202, 6.8.2151


The cause of this issue is unknown at this time.


Currently the only solution is to not select the "Settings" checkbox from the template and run the capture and migration with that template. Development is currently working on a solution for this issue.