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Software delivery package is not being deleted from the client


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Software Management Solution


The Software package is configured to be deleted after two weeks. At two weeks, it’s not being cleaned up or deleted.


The conditions listed below will cause a SWD Package to be considered unused, and therefore be deleted from the client machine. If:

  • There are no longer any enabled SWD tasks associated with the SWD package
  • If the client is removed from the collection which applied to the SWD task
  • The option on the SWD task to 'Remove this task after successful install' is enabled and the SWD task has run successfully at least once.
  • If the SWD task has run once on the Altiris Agent, and is not configured to run on any other schedules.

Once the SWD Package is considered unused, the count down begins to delete the package, and the deletion will occur in 7 days (by default) from the time the SWD task last executed.