Scanner not working with USB Device Control enabled
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Scanner not working with USB Device Control enabled


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Symantec Products


When Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) is installed on a computer, and USB Device Control is enabled ,USB Check Scanner can no longer be used with online banking software.


The Browser Protection feature was blocking the scanner from communicating with the browser-based banking software.


Disable the Browser Protection feature on the computer in question:

  • Log into the SEP SBE Cloud Management Console
  • Go to the Policies tab
  • Go to the Endpoint Protection policy
  • Click Save a Copy if there is not already a copy of the default policy (the default policy cannot be modified), otherwise modify an existing copy if preferred
  • Find the Web Protection section and disable Browser Protection
  • Select the appropriate computer group (this may have to be created under the Computers tab)
  • Click Save & Apply