Duplicate computer records in IT Analytics Computer cube
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Duplicate computer records in IT Analytics Computer cube


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IT Analytics


In IT Analytics Computer cube view you may notice duplicates and triplicates of computer resources affecting counts and causing confudion.

Looking behind the console, we found that  data being pulled from vRM_Computer_Item view using query from vITAnalytics_CMDB_ComputerDim.

By checking further the only difference between duplicate records were values in DiscoveryDate.




IT Analytics 8.0 


Original view vITAnalytics_CMDB_ComputerDim does not have any condition to select only one from multiple possible records keys.


For now, we have made a quick fix for stored procedure spITAnalytics_CSMP_CreateViews to prevent duplicates based on the discovery table entries.            

Duplicates will disappear after altering the spITAnalytics_CSMP_CreateViews and recreating affected views in CMDB.

To do that execute stored procedure spITAnalytics_CSMP_DeleteViews to delete all views, then use attached SQL query to ALTER spITAnalytics_CSMP_CreateViews, then execute it as well.

After changes in CMDB, please process the ITA cubes and you won't see duplicates anymore.

Note: During execution of updated stored procedure, you may get following messages:

"The module 'spITAnalytics_CSMP_CreateViews' depends on the missing object 'dbo.spITAnalytics_CMDB_GetFullyQualifiedDataSource'. The module will still be created; however, it cannot run successfully until the object exists"

You can simply ignore them.

Updated version will be added into upcoming IT Analytics 8.1 as well.


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