Database structure and size of Data Center Server (DCS) 6.7 / 6.8 / 6.9
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Database structure and size of Data Center Server (DCS) 6.7 / 6.8 / 6.9


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DCS 6.7, DCS 6.8, and DCS 6.9 database structure is now optimized and the filesystem is different from previous version


Symantec Data Center Security
DCS 6.7, DCS 6.8, and DCS 6.9


The install/upgrade creates 733 partition files per event table (cspevent, analysis_event, profile_event).  This means there will be a total of 2199 files created.  These files are created upfront at install/upgrade time.  These files are required to handle the purge process.  Auto growth is required on these files, but will only start growing once a file (which contains each day’s worth of events) fills up and needs additional space to handle more volume of events.  

Please note: These files are required for the database and can't be removed. If file size becomes an issue, we recommend running a DB Shrink during a monthly/bi-monthly maintenance window to released the unused partition space.


Partitioning makes large tables or indexes more manageable, because partitioning enables you to manage and access subsets of data quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of a data collection.

See the list of files created in attachment to this doc.

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