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File transfer fails after MP4 installed when using custom file transfer port


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Ghost Solution Suite


You have just installed Ghost Solution Suite 3.1 MP4 and find that you can no longer transfer files to a client machine. This will cause failures in many types of jobs including imaging jobs that run Sysprep.


A custom file transfer port has been set in Ghost Solution Suite Console Options - Global tab.


The custom file transfer port has been damaged.


Start Ghost Solution Suite Console

Click Tools - Options then go to the Global tab

Make note of the port that is listed in the "Client/Server file transfer port" field.

Uncheck the box "Client/Server file transfer port" Then click Apply. 

Check the box for "Client/Server file transfer port" - verify the port is set properly, then click Apply and OK. 

This seems to cause it to rewrite the settings and file transfers begin to work.