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PGP Command Line 10.3.2 getting error "3090: Operation Failed, Bad Packet" when attempting to decrypt files over around 360 KB in size from one vendor.


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PGP Command Line


The customer receives encrypted files from several vendors.
They can decrypt all files from most of the vendors.
However, when one vendor sends files larger than approximately 360 KBs all attempts to decrypt them fail.
They receive an error message stating: "3090: Operation Failed, Bad Packet".

3090: Operation Failed, Bad Packet


PGP Command Line 10.3.2
Dedicated MDM (Mode Division Multiplexing) network between the customer and this vendor.


By checking the MD5 checksum we were able to determine that files over approximately 360 KBs were being modified in transmission.
Files smaller than around 360 KBs had matching checksums on the sending and receiving side.
Files larger than around 360 KBs has mismatched checksums on the sending and receiving side.


Check the MD5 checksum of the original file, before it was sent. Compare it to the MD5 checksum of the file after delivery. If these are different, it indicates the file got corrupted during transmission, and needs to be resent. How to fix this depends on the original method used to transfer the file, such as changing the network software, transfer mode, etc. Once the file received is valid, decryption can happen without issue.