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'List Open Change Tickets by Business Service' report does not include or group by Business Service.


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'List Open Change Tickets by Business Service' report does not group by the Business Services associated with Change tickets. In fact, the column titled Business Service does not seem to contain the Business Service associated with the Change ticket.


ServiceDesk 8.0
ServiceDesk 8.1


'Business Service' column in the report is in fact a renamed 'Urgency' column.


This has been reported to Symantec Engineering and the report will be fixed out-of-box in a future version of ServiceDesk.


Here are the steps to fix the report:

  1. Edit 'List Open Change Tickets by Business Service' Report.
  2. Remove 'Business Service' column.
  3. In left pane, check Process References > With External References
  4. In the dialog click Add, select 'Services' from dropdown and 'Any' from dropdown next to it.
  5. Add Process_Reference > Name (from right pane) as column. Rename the newly added column from 'Name' to 'Business Service'.
  6. In left pane, go to 'Options' and in 'Group By' section, select 'Business Service' in the first dropdown.

This report should now work as expected.


While we are modifying this report, the ID and Actions columns could easily be combined which I think makes report easier to use:

  1. Remove 'ID' column
  2. Add Process > Report Process ID (from right pane) as column. Rename the newly added column from 'Report Process ID' to 'ID' if you wish.

The reason this helps is because 'Include Process Actions' only works on  Process ID fields and ID field in out-of-box report is from Change Management custom data type and 'Include Process Actions' will not work on it (even though the data is identical to Report Process ID in Process data).