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About the Symantec Click-time URL Protection Incidents page


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Email Threat Detection and Response


What information can be obtained from the Symantec Click-time URL Protection Incidents page?


Click-Time URL Protection Incidents

The incidents screen can be used to view the URLs that have been stopped by the Click-Time URL Protection Service over a given period of time.


Why do some of the listed domains show allowed and blocked numbers?

Each time a Click-time Protection service URL is clicked, the original URL is checked. If the content of the destination website changes over time, the service may begin to return a different result and begin blocking the page. The Incidents page will track the number of times the URL in question was allowed and/or blocked.

Why are some domains missing from the incidents page?

Only domains that have been blocked at least once will show on the Incidents page. Domains that have been allowed are not tracked on the Incidents page.

Why don't the Total Click statistics match the information from a Summary Report?

The statistics on the Incidents page only take into consideration those URLs that have been blocked at least once. The summary report consists of all allowed and blocked URLs.

How do I determine which of my users received a URL that is listed on the Incidents Page?

For this query, refer to