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After successful registration of new DLP Cloud Detector, status of the server remains as "Unknown" in Enforce console


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Registering a new DLP Cloud Detector, by uploading the Enrollment Bundle, is successful, as the profiles, policies, etc. all show as completed in the UI.

However, the status of the detector remains as "Unknown" in Enforce Server console.


DLP 15.7 or later, with Cloud Email Service license installed, and Enrollment Bundle uploaded successfully.


Connection to Cloud Service was made but the Enforce Console has not updated its status in the database.


Restart or recycle the Enforce DetectionServerController service (aka "Monitor Controller") from the UI.

This will pause sending of incident data and policy uploads to all Detection Servers, but after restarting the Cloud Detector should show as "Connected" in the UI.

Additional Information

If this persists, please see DLP cloud detector in "Disconnected" status ( article for more information on steps to take.