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How to re-install the PXE Manager Component for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.1


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Ghost Solution Suite


It may be necessary to reinstall the PXE Manager Component for the Ghost Solution Suite.  The process in the GSS 3.0 version of using the initial installer to run a repair install is no longer available.  But by follwoing the steps and scripts of this document the PXE Manager can be reinstalled in a 3.1 environment. 


Ghost Solution Suite 3.1 


Download the attached and extract the contents to the DSSetup folder that was created when the GSS 3.1 console was first installed.   

Included in the zip file is a script InstallPxeMgr.vbs and the instructions for using the script PXE Reinstallation.docx.   

After performing the reinstalling the PXE components it may be necessary to make a registry changes for the PXE services to start properly.   See TECH234510 for more information on this change.

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