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Managed Software Delivery Policies Enhanced View Not Populating Correctly


Article ID: 163819


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IT Management Suite


In the bar graph view of the Managed Software Delivery Policies it is not showing the correct list of computers to the right when you click on a portion of the bar graph. If you click on compliant or non-compliant, the list to the right always populates the list of pending computers. You can see the fields change to compliant and non-compliant at the top of the list, but the list only shows pending computers for the selected policy.


This is a known issue.


This was fixed in 8.0 HF5.

A point-fix for 7.6 HF7 is attached to this article. Please follow these instructions to install the point-fix:

  1. Copy the contents of the attached archive to the SMP Server at a location not in the Altiris install path.
  2. Log on to the SMP as the Application Identity account.
  3. Run the PFInstaller.exe to install the point-fix.



ECV 7.6 HF7 get_app