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Windows Server inventory task hangs in running state and AeXNSAgent.exe consumes all available memory


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Inventory Solution Inventory Pack for Servers


The following has been observed on Windows server machines with the Apache web server installed.
On running Windows Server Inventory with the IIS data class selected, the inventory task will hang in the running state and the AeXNSAgent.exe process will gradually consume memory until system resources are starved. This occurs even if the inventoried system does not have the IIS role installed.

When switching up to verbose level logging on the agent, vast numbers of entries of the type below can be seen in the logs: 
Source: CheckForValidString - Enter
Module: SvrInvAPI.dll
Text: Entered



Windows 2012 R2 x64, Altiris 8.0 HF2 (later HF versions may also be affected)


This is currently being investigated as a memory leak by engineering. 


A fix for this issue is scheduled for 8.0 HF5

The current workaround is to exclude the IIS dataclass from being inventoried on the affected machine(s) as below:

  1. Clone the affected server inventory policy click the Advanced button,  locate the IIS data class and uncheck the box to deselect it
  2. Save this new policy as, for example, "Windows Server Inventory excluding IIS data class", and apply it only to the affected machines
  3. Remember to exclude the same machines from the standard Windows server inventory policy that you cloned in step 1, otherwise they will receive and execute both policies

The above will ensure that all other Windows server inventory except for IIS will continue to be reported from the affected machines until the permanent fix becomes available.