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"All maintenance windows are inactive, maintenance tasks are disallowed" on agents even outside of maintenance window


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IT Management Suite


Symantec Management Agents are not communicating with the SMP after a maintenance windows blockout has expired.

The issue continues unless the policy is disabled in the SMP Console and a manual "Update Configuration" is run from the agent.

The update configuration Policy in the SMP console will not work due to the lack of communication from the Blockout.

Warning in the Agent UI stating:

! Status Warning


! All maintenance windows are inactive, maintenance tasks are disallowed


If the Maintenance window is set to a 00:00:00 duration the command to re-open the blockout never triggers resulting in a permanent blockout scenario.


Change duration or disable the policy and run 'aexagentutil /updateconfiguration' from the agent installation path.

Example would be to use a GPO with the following command:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\aexagentutil /updateconfiguration