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Single Sign On delays PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol) authentication with the RADIUS server.


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Endpoint Encryption


Laptops configured to connect to a wireless network using PEAP to authenticate to the RADIUS server.
SEE FD client configured for Single Sign On (SSO).
Upon boot up and log in the user notices a delay connecting to the network while waiting for PEAP to authenticate with the RADIUS server.
The delay is less than a minute after Windows is up and running.
But it is annoying for the user to have to wait before being able to connect to the network.
If SSO is disabled the user experiences no delay in connecting to the network upon logging in to Windows.
With SSO enabled, if the user logs out of Windows, not shuts down, and logs back in, he experiences no delay in reconnecting to the network.


Managed SEE FD client 11.1.1
Microsoft PEAP using WPA2-Enterprise and AES
Authentication Method is "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)"
"Enable Fast Reconnect" is selected.


None yet.
Workaround is to disable SSO.

Engineering cannot duplicate.
Customer has disabled SSO to workaround this issue.