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When creating a Problem its Priority is not calculated from Impact/Urgency matrix.


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When creating a Problem using 'Report a Problem' form in Service Catalog its Priority is not calculated from Impact/Urgency matrix.


ServiceDesk 8.0
ServiceDesk 8.0 HF1
ServiceDesk 8.0 HF2
ServiceDesk 8.0 HF3
ServiceDesk 8.0 HF4


Product defect, there are two logic flaws around this functionality.


This has been reported to Symantec Engineering and will be fixed in a future version of ServiceDesk.


These problems are in the open Problem Feeder project and can be fixed by making a couple modifications:

  1. Open the SD.Feeder.ProblemCreation project.
  2. Go to: 'Set New Problem Data [4.82]' Embedded Decision Model component > 'Set Priority According to Impact/Urgency Matrix [32]' Embedded Model component
  3. Edit the 'Set Ticket Priority to Matrix Value [5]' Single Value Mapping component > Mapping Definition '...' and change the ProblemTicket.ProblemPriority (right side) mapping to VarFoundMapping[First].Value (from current VarImpactUrgencyMatrix[First].Value).
  4. Edit 'Find Matching Impact/Urgency Mapping [10]' Configurable Collection Filter component > 'Configuration' tab > Filter Model '...'
  5. Edit the 'Compare Impact [4]' text Equals Rule component > 'Compare Variable' needs to be 'Problem.BusinessImpactLevel' (not 'Problem.Impact').
  6. Save and Publish the amended project.