2E is not creating implementation/source names for new functions
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2E is not creating implementation/source names for new functions


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When creating a new function in 2E, it no longer is creating an implementation source name for the Program (PGM), Display (DSP), or Help (HLP).   This just started happening and occurs on all newly created functions.  What is wrong? 


Release: K1EBAS04400-8.7-2E-400 Toolkit


Implementation objects (including files and programs) are named with a 2 character prefix called, the object prefix.  It is stored as a record with key SYS in model file YALCVNMRFP and you can see it as model value YOBJPFX.  To change the object prefix and reset the function naming to start with a new 2 character prefix, carry out these steps: 

1.  Make sure no one is using the model 

2.  Perform the command for the model:  YWRKF YALCVNMRFP 

3.  Option 5 to Update the SYS record, change the 2 characters to the new object prefix value 

4.  Option 5 to Update the MSG record, change the 2 characters to A and A 

Note - The record FIL also holds the 2 character prefix used for file prefixes. So if needed,  reset that to A and A as well.  

Additionally, model administrators can use the command YEDTNXTMNC (Edit Next Mnemonics) command to "plan ahead" so as not to run out of prefix's in the future.  YEDTNXTMNC allows users to pre-assign mnemonics for files and fields before they actually run out of names.  The command presents a screen which is divided into two sections, "Change Next Object Prefix" at the top, and "Change Next Field Type Mnemonic" at the bottom.  In the "Change Next Object Prefix" section, when entering a value in the "Next Prefix" field, the SYS record of YALCVNMRFP is updated with a new NXTMNC value.