PC Transplant in Does Not Run - Your PC Transplant License has expired
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PC Transplant in Does Not Run - Your PC Transplant License has expired


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When trying to run PC Transplant manually an error message is generated regarding PC Transplant Licensing and PCT will not run. Your PC Transplant license has expired.  If you want to continue to use PC Transplant to backup, restore, and migrate PC personalities, contact your Symantec reseller or click 'OK' to buy now.


DS 7.x
DS 8.x
Note: Can also occur in GSS 3.0, GSS 3.1, and GSS 3.2 but the circumstances are slightly different.


There can be 2 causes of this issue:

1.)  If trying to run PCT on a server version of Microsoft Windows operating systems it will fail and this is by design.  Running a personality migration tool on a server is a security concern and is therefore unsupported.

2.)  The other cause of this issue is if trying to run PCT manually on a supported Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, or 10 without having the Symantec Management Agent and the Deployment Solution Plugin installed. Both the SMA and the deployment agent are required by PCT for licensing purposes.  It will not run without it.


1.)  This is unsupported and this is by design because of Security issues.  For instance if it were possible to run PCT on a server one could run it on a domain controller and capture all users on the domain including network administrators and so on.

2.)  Install the Symantec Management Agent and Deployment Solution Plug-In on the client machine and try running PCT again.