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Error "Access Denied. You currently do not have sufficient network access rights to the Notification Server console." when trying to access the Altiris Console or Helpdesk


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When trying to access the Altiris Console 6.0 or 6.5 or Helpdesk, an Access Denied error occurs, preventing use of the Altiris Console and Helpdesk.


Access Denied

You currently do not have sufficient network access rights to the Notification Server console.

Please contact your local area network administrator for further assistance.


This issue is caused due to a lack of access rights as the message indicates. Possible causes of this are:

  • The user is not a member of any Altiris security role
  • IIS permissions
  • NS server has been moved to another OU
  • DNS resolution
  • Domain controller resolution 


Depending on the cause, various solutions are available:

  • The user must be a member of an Altiris security role. If the Application Identity or another Altiris Administrator user can access the Altiris Console still, go to Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Settings > Security Roles. Add the user to an appropriate security role, such as Asset Administrators, etc. If the user still gets Access Denied, clear the browser's cache and cookies, then retry.
  • Verify in IIS that that anonymous user access is enabled in IIS Manager at Default Web Site > Altiris. If this is enabled and the Access Denied error still continues,  enable anonymous user access also in Default Web Site > Altiris > Console. If this doesn't resolve the issue then most likely there is a DNS or Domain Controller issue.
  • If the Notification Server was moved to another OU, run the NSSetup and specify the same database to use. To run NSSetup, open a browser and enter http://localhost/Altiris/NS/Install/NSSetup.aspx.
  • DNS or Domain Controller resolution may be the issue. Contact the network administrator for assistance regarding these.

Note: This issue is often perceived as a Helpdesk issue, as the Notification Server that is used for Helpdesk is considered "the Helpdesk server". This is incorrect. Helpdesk is an Altiris software solution that is installed and runs in the Notification Server's Altiris Console. If the Altiris Console cannot be accessed, neither can Helpdesk, or any other software solution, such as Asset Management, Inventory Solution, Patch Management, etc. The core issue with the Notification Server and its console must therefore be resolved before the user can continue using installed software solutions.

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Applies To

Notification Server 6.0 SP3
NS Console 6.0 and 6.5