How do I rerun the batch job (RMOBBP) that is submitted to print my Bundles after it previously failed with a JCL error ?


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Changes were made to skeleton JCL member CVDEPENU(RMOJCLB), and loaded to the CA Deliver database using the utility RMODBASE OLOAD, however the changes made contained errors.
Subsequently, the batch jobs that were submitted by the bundle output task, to compose and print the bundles (running RMOBBP, the program referenced in RMOJCLB), failed with a JCL error, and reports within the Bundle showed a status of BNDL SEL.

 How are these batch jobs to be rerun, to print the Bundles?  


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To start, make sure that the errors are corrected in CVDEPENU(RMOJCLB), and then run RMODBASE OLOAD, to load this information to the CA Deliver database.

Then, in the Deliver online, on the Primary Selection Panel, type "A B" on the Command line, to go to the Active Bundle List.

Tab down next to the Bundle/s that require printing and place an "F" in the SEL field. This will free the Bundle, and the message "Free request queued" will display in the top-right of the screen.

Next to the Bundle/s that have been freed, type "P" in the SEL field to Print the selected Bundle.  The RMOBPP batch job will then be run again, to print the Bundle/s.