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Image task fails with Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is callDSPSInfoOperationService()have failed.


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Deployment Solution


Whether your attempting to create or deploy an image with Deployment Solutions, you find that the imaging task fails with an exception.  This particular tech article addresses either newly installed or newly upgraded Site Servers.

[2016/09/23 10:09:28.725 1608:1268 2] Function Name is util::CSMPPackage::callDSPSInfoOperationService(),file name is SMPPackage.cpp and Line no 222.Reuest XML is http://<servername>:80/altiris/dsps/dspspackageinfo.aspx?xml=<request><CreatePackageFolder><inputFolderGuid>{<any guid>}</inputFolderGuid></CreatePackageFolder></request>
[2016/09/23 10:09:29.544 1608:1268 2] callDSPSInfoOperationService()have failed. Function:util::CSMPPackage::callDSPSInfoOperationService(),File:SMPPackage.cpp and Line:228. Return XML is =
[2016/09/23 10:09:29.559 1608:1268 0] File:ExecuteCommand.cpp,Line:4397 ERROR: The Exception have occured in Client Imaging Task.

Exception has occured in function SMPPackage.cpp() at Line No 233. Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is callDSPSInfoOperationService()have failed. Return XML is =. Error from HttpGet = HTTP error occured. Error Description is  "util::CSMPPackage::callDSPSInfoOperationService". Value of Windows error code = 6 and message is " The handle is invalid.


Site Server, IIS, Deployment Solution


Windows installer and/or Windows update process caused an issue seen on a new Site Server installation.

Incorrect versions of companion components such as Package Server occurs when upgrading a Site Server.


To address this issue, open IIS and expand Default Web Site>Altiris and ensure that all of the required virtual directories are present.

The above described error generally occurs because the DSPS virtual directory is missing. 

If this issue is encountered:

  1. Check Task Manager for any lingering MsiExec.exe processes and End Task on them. 
  2. Reboot the Site Server to ensure any Windows Installer pending actions or any in progress Windows Updates can complete.
  3. Run the DSPS installer.
  • For DS 8.0 through DS 8.0 HF2, upgrade to HF3.  If issue persists run the following two commands in order:
    1. PackageServer.bat /uninstall
    2. PackageServer.bat /install
      (Default location on NS: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Deployment\Installs\PackageServer)
  • For DS 7.6 and prior, follow instructions for running Create_DeploymentDir.bat, as outlined in TECH211409