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Cannot install Symantec Endpoint Encryption Server Suite on Server Operating Systems without IIS installed


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Endpoint Encryption


IIS is a component the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server uses for client-server communication.  It is a necessary role in order to properly manage clients for policy, Helpdesk and other features.  When installing on a Server Operating System without this component, the following popup appears which does not allow the installation to continue:

In some situation, the entire Symantec Encryption Management Server suite is not needed, such as when only the Help Desk feature is needed.


"Installer detected that your local IIS Web Server is not operational. Please verify that IIS 6.0 or later is installed and corresponding services are up and running. Then click Next."


SEE 11.1.0 and higher

Any Windows Server Operating System


The Server Installer MSI runs a detection check to see if certain services are installed and fails when IIS is not installed.


A workaround to this installation scenario to install Help Desk without the need to use IIS on the server is to install IIS on the Server Operating System temporarily, then install SEE, then uninstall IIS.  The Help Desk functionality will continue to work.

In some situations, there may be restrictions to installing IIS on a particular Server, such as installing on a Citrix server.  If installing is needed, and IIS must not be installed, please contact Symantec Support for assistance with this issue and refer to this article.