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Configuring the DataPower Agent Extension to support more than one DataPower server.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  How do I configure the DataPower Agent Extension to support more than one DataPower Appliance?


APM 10.x


  A Datapower agent can support two or more Datapower Appliances with one agent.      To do this, modify DatapowerMonitor-config.xml as shown below. For each DataPower Appliance, give a separate metric path as shown below. Assume we have 3 Datapower Appliances as HelloDP, HelloDP2, and HelloDP3.  Change the metric paths for them as DataPower1, DataPower2, Datapower3, and so on, as in the following example. 


Configure the devices as below (Replace the example data with your data.)


            <property name="host"></property>

            <property name="host2"></property>

            <property name="host3"></property>

            <property name="port">5550</property>

            <property name="path">service/mgmt/2004</property>

            <property name="usr">admin</property>

            <property name="pwd">[encT]RGm0U2soMTaYP6kEpZYtoQ==</property>

            <property name="pwd1">[encT]RGm0U2soMTaYP6kEpZYtoQ==</property>

            <property name="pwd2">[encT]RGm0U2soMTaYP6kEpZYtoQ==</property>



            <device name="HelloDP">





            <device name="HelloDP1">





             <device name="HelloDP2">






Step 2: Configure engine metric path as below.


        <device ref="HelloDP"/>  

         <domain ref="default"/>

       <metric-set ref="Basic">DataPower1|DeviceMetrics|</metric-set>

       <metric-set ref="Static">DataPower1|DeviceMetrics|</metric-set>

       <metric-set ref="WebServices" />

       <interval unit="second">15</interval>


   <engine enabled="true" name="E2" retainValues="false">

       <device ref="HelloDP2"/>

       <domain ref="default"/>

       <metric-set ref="Composite0"> DataPower2|DeviceMetrics|</metric-set>

       <interval unit="second">15</interval>


   <engine enabled="true" name="E3" retainValues="false">

       <device ref="HelloDP3"/>

       <domain ref="default"/>

       <metric-set ref="Composite1"> DataPower3|DeviceMetrics|Domain-Specific|default|</metric-set>

       <interval unit="second">15</interval>


Additional Information

Here is a link to the APM Marketplace to download the extension.

"CA APM Monitor 3.2 for IBM WebSphere DataPower"