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Hardware Inventory for Windows does not retrieve part number details for some models of Lenovo machines


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Inventory Solution


The attribute [Part Number] in the Inv_HW_Baseboard data class is not being retrieved for some models of Lenovo machines running Windows. Other hardware data classes and attributes are being received from the affected clients correctly.


No error message is being received, the part number 


ITMS 7.x, 8.x 

Windows platforms, Lenovo machines




The  Inv_HW_Baseboard [Part Number]  populates from the WMI class called Win32_Baseboard from the attribute [Product]. It was found that this attribute was not being populated by the manufacture on the affected machines.


On the affected machines it was found that the Win32_ComputerSystemProduct [Name] attribute contained the required part information
An enhancement request has been created for consideration in future ITMS versions, which will increase the scope of the standard hardware inventory to include the Win32_ComputerSystemProduct [Name] attribute in cases where the Win32_Baseboard [Product] attribute is blank.


  • A custom inventory can be used to query this data class for the time being. Consult the inventory solution user guide for details on how to create custom inventory