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DLP Endpoint agent status shown as not reporting on Enforce console


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Discover


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint

EDPA service is not getting started on the endpoint machine while WDP is running fine.

Observation so far:

1. AV exclusions in place
2. Local Admin account used for installing the agent.
3. After a reboot, EDPA service gets started for few seconds but stopped again.
4. Tried re-installing the endpoint agent but the issue still persists.

EDPA log analysis :

05/11/2016 11:19:23 |  5940 | WARNING | AgentServices.ServerCommunicatorService.ConnectionStrategy | Failed to set advise point. HRESULT: -2147023838

05/11/2016 11:19:23 |  5940 | SEVERE  | CoreServices.AgentServices | Error instantiating or initializing Server Communicator | [SYMRESULT 0x8001ffff] | AgentServicesImpl.cpp(411)

05/11/2016 11:19:23 |  5940 | INFO    | CoreServices.AgentServices | Agent service has been shut down: Message Service


On the affected machine, Network List Service was disabled.
After enabling it, start the EDPA service.


Please verify if Network List Service is disabled?
Enable it and start the EDPA service.