Definitions of IDMS/DB, IDMS CV and IDMS Data Dictionary
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Definitions of IDMS/DB, IDMS CV and IDMS Data Dictionary


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Is there a brief description of what the terms IDMS/DB, IDMS CV and IDMS Data Dictionary mean in an IDMS environment?



Release: All supported releases.


The terms are unique to IDMS products and have a specific meaning in the IDMS environment

A brief descriptions of terms:


A high-performance DBMS for the IBM mainframe and compatible environments. IDMS/DB includes the DBMS itself and IDD, which stores information about data and applications in a dictionary.

IDMS/DB components include:

  • Database management system
  • Dictionaries
  • Physical database definition
  • Logical database definition Database Management System


IDMS Central Version is an IDMS system that enables multiple applications to access the database concurrently. A central version controls access to data at the individual record (or row) level thus providing integrity while maximizing concurrency. It also provides automatic recovery in the event of failure.

IDMS Data Dictionary

IDMS Data Dictionary is a dictionary. A dictionary is a special IDMS defined database used to hold definitions of:

  • Other databases
  • IDMS/DC or IDMS UCF systems
  • User-written applications

There are two kinds of dictionaries used in the IDMS environment:

System Dictionary

The system dictionary contains DC/UCF system definitions and physical database definitions. There can be only one system dictionary in a runtime environment.

Application Dictionary

An application dictionary contains application definitions and logical database definitions. This includes records, relationships, areas, schemas, subschemas, maps, and dialogs. There can be zero, one, or more application dictionaries in a runtime environment.