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Modify the LDAP search filter to find other objects in Schemus


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When doing a search, the Schemus LDAP Synchronization Tool is unable to find other objects that could also be returned from the directory.


The default search filter on the LDAP Search tab in the Schemus configuration only includes:



To allow Schemus to find other objects, the default search filter needs to be updated in the Schemus configuration by following these steps

  1. Open Schemus
  2. Select the configuration
  3. Click on Configuration at the top menu
  4. Click on Modify
  5. Make sure the "Mail" Synchronization type is selected
  6. Click on LDAP Search at the left menu
  7. Modify the search filter from:



Note: The Search filter setting determines the objects that are returned from the directory. The search string listed above will let schemus know to search for the different objects such as user, person, contact, group as well as public folder and dynamic groups.

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