AD Import Rule Page fails to load when accessed remotely.
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AD Import Rule Page fails to load when accessed remotely.


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IT Management Suite


When you RDP into the SMP, you can access the AD import rules page just fine. If you open IE from any other endpoints, and access the AD Import Rules page - it fails to load.

An error occurred while retrieving import rules from the Directory web service.


ITMS 7.6 HF7


Unknown. In this particular instance it seems to be related to issues with the Internet Explorer's patch. We checked the IE version installed:
IE 11.0.9600.18426 (KB3155443), Update version 11.0.34, showed this issue.

If we tried emulating the browser using IE9 emulation mode under the F12 Development kit provided by the IE browser, it worked.


We checked the version on other systems where this page worked while using other accounts and those had IE9 or IE10 installed.

It is not the first time Microsoft brakes some of the objects that needs to be loaded in their browser. We have seen similar issues like the one reported in TECH235412.

We suggested to use the emulation mode in their browser when trying to access this page or try from an earlier browser patch version (like 11.0.33) or IE9 or 10.