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The SISFIM driver on Linux fails to load after agent restart, when you add IPS over IDS, or IDS over IPS in managed mode


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Embedded Security Critical System Protection


If the Detect duplicate agent registration option is selected on the management console, and then you reconfigure a managed Linux agent to add IPS over an IDS-only agent, or add IDS over an IPS-only agent, the SISFIM driver fails to load after the mandatory restart of the agent device.

Affected agent operating systems: All Linux operating systems



You can manually load the SISFIM driver after the agent restart. Use the following command to load the SISFIM driver manually:
insmod <location of sisfim.ko file>

For example, insmod /opt/Symantec/sescspagent/IDS/driver/sisfim.ko

Use the following command to verify that the SISFIM driver is loaded:
lsmod | grep sisfim