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In ITMS 7.6, 8.0, and above, what support do we provide for Intel vPro AMT?


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Out of Band Management Component Real-Time Console Infrastructure Real-Time System Manager Altiris Network Discovery


In ITMS 7.6 the Out of Band Management Solution was removed from the product. We no longer support the setup and configuration of Intel AMT on managed systems. So what in AMT do we support for Intel vPro in versions 7.6, 8.0, and beyond?


ITMS 7.6 and later
Intel AMT managed computers


While support for Setup and Configuration of Intel AMT systems was removed starting in 7.6, Real-Time System Manager and its associated Task Server tasks are still supported. This means we are able to execute management for Intel AMT systems up to version 10 of vPro. The following components are supported:
  • Real-Time System Manager
  • Real-Time Console Infrastructure
  • Task Server tasks for the two above features
  • Credential Manager - for storing AMT and DASH related credentials
  • Pluggable Protocol Architecture - able to use AMT and DASH credentials when connecting to Intel AMT systems

Management tasks include Inventory, Power control, remote control (where supported in AMT versions), and many other features.