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Macintosh computers with ULM agent 7.6.1655 or earlier are unable to download packages via https from a specific PS


Article ID: 163612


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IT Management Suite


When Macintosh computers were referred to a specific package server they were unable to download the package files without the attempt failing with an error (2147554191). The exchange found in the logs was similar to the following below. When referred to another package server with the same configuration the clients were able to download the package files.{D104BE39-C99A-42AF-948B-1CA9F87DF5CF}&Resource={21960264-F0F5-4CF0-801C-F69FE50F0849} returned 2147554191, HTTP server returned an error, 0,{D104BE39-C99A-42AF-948B-1CA9F87DF5CF}&Resource={21960264-F0F5-4CF0-801C-F69FE50F0849}

WARN 2016-06-22 00:25:54.728        54    2957709312  PackageDelivery > Failed to get package {D104BE39-C99A-42AF-948B-1CA9F87DF5CF} snapshot. Error = 2147554191

INFO 2016-06-22 00:25:54.729        54    2957709312  PackageDelivery > No available codebase for download.

*********{1ef344e2-138c-4a13-bc19-640232ad60c0}/{D104BE39-C99A-42AF-948B-1CA9F87DF5CF}/cache" for download.

INFO 2016-06-21 23:25:15.276        54    2957709312  PackageDelivery > Getting package {D104BE39-C99A-42AF-948B-1CA9F87DF5CF} snapshot...


Symantec Management Platform 7.6 SP1 HF7, ULM 7.6.1655 -


The response from the package server was being handled incorrectly in code when it should not have.


There is an updated ULM contained in the cumulative HF7 pointfix build "ULM 7_6 HF7 Cumulative fix" attached to INFO3459