Remote Agent Installer asked for Dagent.msi location after providing credentials
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Remote Agent Installer asked for Dagent.msi location after providing credentials


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You've installed a remote GSS console onto a second server.  You've run the Remote Agent Installer and have entered the credentials on the first page.  When you hit next you're asked for the location of the Dagent installer.  You provide the path and the installation continues.  What you're wondering about is why you're being asked for the location of the Dagent install files.

There is no error message in this case, just a prompt to browse to the Dagent installation files.


In this case, the remote console was installed on a Server 2008 R2 operating system, however, this issue could occur on any machine with a remote console installed on it.


In this situation, the issue stemmed from the fact that the customer had a previous installation of the remote console installed.  This remote console was pointed to a completely different server with a different name.  The desktop icon said GSS, however, the information in the registry was pointing to an old DS 6.9 SP6 server that no longer existed.


The quickest way to resolve this issue is to first go into Add\Remove Programs and uninstall the remote console.  Once the console has been removed reboot the machine.  When the machine loads back up run Regedit.  Go to Hkey_Current_User\Software\ and locate the Altiris folder.  In this Altiris folder, you should see three sub-folders.  They are Altiris Deployment Console, Altiris Express, and Remote Client Installer.  If there are other folders present it may be necessary to determine what those folders are for.  If there are no other folders, you can delete the entire Altiris folder.  With the Altiris folder gone, you're now ready to reinstall the remote console.  The key to this is making sure the registry keys that were referring to the older installation of the remote console are gone.