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7.6 HF 5 agent install failed with error code 2


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Workspace Streaming (formerly AppStream)


While installing 7.6 HF 5 agent as per below steps errors might be present under installation logs on c:\

Install / Upgrade procedure:

1) uninstall previous SWV agent
2) remove reg keys and all files
3) install new agent by executing SEVAgents.exe

Following two errors might be present under installation logs on c:\

GetSWSRegMCRootKey failed with error code 2
SetRegValue failed for 1 with error code 2


Symantec Workspace Streaming 7.6 HF5, possibly other similar versions.


Error code 2 means Error_File_Not_Found which is the result of a call to MS’s regOpenKeyEx API that is used to read or change contents of registry keys. The most likely Registry Key that we’re attempting to read or update is HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Appstream\\AppMgr\\Portals. The user may not have their portal page setup properly or the Portal may not be exposed to users, which would make this error of less consequence. SetRegValue would follow suit, where the Reg Key did not exist which was trying to be updated.


As this is a fresh agent install these error messages would be normal.