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Control Compliance Suite Configure Data Collection on Oracle RAC Database


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Control Compliance Suite Databases Oracle


How to configure Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Data Collection on Oracle RAC Database.


You can configure oracle RAC database as asset either with SID_NAME or with SERVICE_NAME. Please configure each node of oracle cluster as an asset, since the current CCS architecture considers each node as individual asset.
In case of 3 nodes RAC setup, please follow the steps to discover oracle RAC asset with SID NAME:

  1. Add/Import all the three UNIX assets with its IP/hostname
  2. Import each oracle assets scoped to UNIX assets
  3. Oracle assets will get imported with its SID NAME

If you want to add oracle RAC assets with SERVICE NAME, in case of 3 nodes RAC setup you need to add each node as an asset manually or through csv file with SERVICE NAME.