BCD error displayed after selecting a PXE menu item
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BCD error displayed after selecting a PXE menu item


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Deployment Solution


You receive a BCD error after selecting a PXE menu item on a client system.

Steps taken to reach the error:

  1. Create a pxe preboot
  2. Boot client into pxe
  3. PXE menu shows up
  4. Select a preboot.  e.g winpe4
  5. BCD error is displayed

BCD error is shown on the screen


8.0 all versions


The customer installed the Windows 10 anniversary edition ADK and then created his winpe 4 and winpe 10 pxe preboots.


Each version of WinPE uses a unique WinPE ADK.  If customers have installed the wrong ADK do the following on the NS:

If a preboot is created with the wrong ADK, open up 'prebootos.ini' at c:\program files\altiris\deployment\bdc\bootwiz and for each preboot you need to reinstall the ADK set 'Installed=False'.  For example:

  1. Open prebootos.ini
  2. Search for winpe40_x64
  3. Under winpe40_x64 looked for 'INSTALLED'
  5. Save the file.

The system will now believe that no ADKs have not been installed and the approriate ADK can be installed for each WINPE version by following the steps below:

  1. Remove previous adk
  2. In the NS console go to 'Manage preboot configuration'
  3. Change to approriate preboot (e.g winpe4, winpe 10)
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen  
    1. Download  and install the adk
    2. Import the adk
  5. Create a new preboot.

NOTE: Window 10 build 1607 ADK is not supported at this time.