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Active Directory Computer Import Rule Importing Data from Inv_AeX_AC_Identification dataclass for Managed Computers When Rule is Configured for Unmanaged computers


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IT Management Suite


Customer has recently upgrade to hot fix 7 for ITMS 7.6.
Customer runs a computer import for AD. The rule is configured to import for only unmanaged resources only.
They have selected “Only if resource” is Unmanaged under "AeX AC Identification" dataclass.

1) Observed that the import rule is importing information for managed computers as well rather than just for the unmanaged computers.
2) When the managed computers information is imported into the database through the AD rule that is not configured to import managed computers data, the OS Version field is being overwritten. For example, prior to AD import being run, the OS Version field was 6.1. Running the AD Import changes this version to 6.1.7601. This makes sense because that is how the OS Version field in active directory is set. However, the AD import rule should not be importing anything because these computers are already managed.

SQL to identify issue:

SELECT [OS Version], COUNT(*)
FROM dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification
GROUP BY [OS Version]

When the above query is run on a SMP that has not run through AD import, the results are as follows:
OS Version (No column name)
10.0 1
6.1 4
6.3 4

When the same query is run after running AD import:

OS Version (No column name)
10.0.10586 1
6.1 1
6.1.7600 1
6.1.7601 4
6.3.9600 7

All reports that the customer utilizes to report on this data are now incorrect. When AD import runs, it changes the OS Version value, throwing off all reports.


ITMS 7.6 HF7


Known issue.


This issue has been resolved in 8.0 HF4 - See release notes for more information DOC9434

A pointfix has been created for ITMS 7.6 HF7. See KB INFO3459