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Appmgrcmd.exe -r [GUID] -forceremove command removes specified package from the cache before sessions can terminate.


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Workspace Streaming (formerly AppStream)


When setting a package to remove while streaming a different package the hidden sessions will not terminate.


Symantec is aware of this issue and the appstream code does not allow the removal of cache during the period of when a layer is being installed. Once installation is complete it will allow for deletion as normal. 


  1. Use ITMS to create a policy to delete that layer from the cache. 
  2. Using Autoit and schtasks.exe you can create a pre/post event that creates a scheduled task to create a task that calls a compiled autoit script to run the appmgrcmd -r [guid] command outside the Vzservice and appstream service and drivers. 

Example Autoit:

$CMD = '"C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workspace Streaming\Bin\appmgrcmd.exe" -s -r 2b0d5bf4-06ff-48a5-a290-7d5306025e32_2 -forceremove'


$PASS = "[email protected]!"


Sleep (30)

If not IsAdmin() Then

     RunasWait($USR, $DOM, $PASS, 0, @ComSpec & " /c " & $CMD)