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PC Transplant Capture Domanin Users Fails with *\* Token Used in Template


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When using PC Transplant in DS 7.x capturing domain users does not workwhen using the *\* token for capturing all domain users.  This settingis specified in the template builder (template.exe).

There is no associated error message.  The job will show as completing without issue.



DS 7.X
GSS 3.1 pre hotfix 2



The cause of this issue is unkown at this time, but development is currently reviewing the issue.


There is a particular version of the PCTWIZ.exe executable that seems to resolve this issue.  All that needs to be done is swap out the current PCTWiz.exe executable with the 6.8.2101 version and make sure it get's copied down to the client machine and this should work.  6.8.2101 is the current version that ships with GSS 3.1 MP2.  Please call suppport if you do not have this version.


PCTWiz.exe get_app