What is the CA OLQ Online Query for CA-IDMS
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What is the CA OLQ Online Query for CA-IDMS


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What is the CA OLQ Online Query used for?


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS


CA OLQ (Online Query) is a query tool and report writer that accesses data stored in a CA IDMS/DB database. 

You can use CA OLQ to:

  • Query a CA IDMS/DB database. For example, if you want to know the phone number of an employee, you can use CA OLQ to retrieve the phone number from the database. 
  • Create reports. For example, if you want to list the names, phone numbers, and sales quotas for a group of salespeople, you can use CA OLQ to create this report.

CA OLQ offers the following features:


Menu facility

Using the CA OLQ menu facility you can learn how to create reports quickly. The menus are easy to use, and provide most of the power of syntax-driven CA OLQ. 

Create reports

You can report on:

    • SQL tables
    • ASF tables
    • Database records

Format your report

You can enhance the appearance of your report by:

    • Sorting report rows
    • Modifying column and page headers
    • Specifying external pictures for columns
    • Changing the spacing between columns
    • Using code tables to translate data stored in the database into an alternative external representation

Perform computations

You can create the following types of report calculations:

    • Computed columns
    • Break processing and group subtotals
    • Report totals
    • Calculations including aggregate and built-in functions

Save a report

Once you create a report, you can save it online for a specified period of time.

Create a table from a report

You can create a table by saving your CA OLQ report as a table. The rows and columns in the table correspond to those you have defined in the report.

Define predefined routines

You can save the set of CA OLQ commands used to create a report in a routine. This routine can be re-executed to create reports that reflect the changing nature of data in the database.

Print a report

You can route your CA OLQ report to output devices defined to your system.

Execute OLQ commands using the OLQ batch facility

You can use the CA OLQ batch facility to create reports that query very large amounts of data, or to execute during non-peak hours.

CA OLQ command mode

CA OLQ also offers syntax mode for very specific queries, or for people who prefer to use syntax.





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