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Patch Management 8.0 missing two Restart Notifications


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Patch Management Solution 8.0, 8.0 HF1 and 8.0 HF2 displays the following updated restart notifications tab on the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy:

The following restart notification settings from Patch Management Solution 7.5.x and 7.6.x are no longer provided:

  1. Setting: Show pending message: Allows the Admin to configure a countdown-timer popup which runs down without interaction until the managed Client is rebooted.
  2. Setting: Show reminder message: Allows the Admin to configure a reminder popup to be presented on the managed Client one time or on a repeated schedule.


Confirmed working as designed by Development; simplify the reboot notification process, for over time the reboot notifications have been compounded through multiple enhancements and feature additions. These settings were cleared as a result of cleaning up the reboot notifications.

The 'Show Pending Message' was deemed an unecessary timer countdown prior to rebooting. It was reviewed that if the end user click Windows > Restart in the Operating System; they wouldn't expect a countdown timer; however, there is a countdown timer still present in Patch Management Solution upon any setting that forces a reboot, so this was deemed redundant and in this setting was removed.


This functionality is provided in Patch Management Solution 8.0 HF4 by enabling the following additional setting:

Note: The Set the maximum deferral time is needed if the reminder is to continually popup every increment configured above.

  • Advisory: The functionality for 'Show Pending Message' was reviewed and deemed redundant, for the end user should not be expecting a countdown timer upon manually rebooting:
    • This setting will not be added moving forward.