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How do I convert the zip file with PTFs I downloaded to a flat file


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The CA PTF download process puts all downloaded PTFs in a single zip file. Inside of the zip file each PTF has it's own file.

The goal is to have several PTFs in 1 file. It is simpler to do a receive on SMPE using 1 file. Less JCL changes and less files to upload to the mainframe.


I downloaded several PTFs. They downloaded to a zip file. I would like to convert this to a flat file. I would like to concatenate all the PTFs to 1 file.


Component: ENDBAS


Use the Utility CA Concatenate to copy all the PTFs to 1 file.

This is how to do it.

-Put your new PTF zip file( into a new directory.

-unzip the ptfs to the new directory.

download the CAConcatenate utility.

Install CA Concatenate and use this utility to merge the files in you PTF directorty.