Corrupt PXE boot menu after upgrading to GSS 3.1
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Corrupt PXE boot menu after upgrading to GSS 3.1


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Ghost Solution Suite


After upgrading from GS 6.9 SP6 or GSS 3.0 to GSS 3.1, GSS 3.1 MP1, or GSS 3.1 MP2 your PXE boot menu is corrupt and no longer gives you your options.

You may also see the follow screen if you're using a new computer.

***The CLIENT MAC ADDR:, CLIENT IP:, DHCP IP:, GATEWAY IP:, GUID:, MASK:, and PROXY IP: were removed to protect the company the provided the screenshots.  These values should be there as part of the boot process.***

You may receive a Boot Failed. EFI Network. Failed Secure Boot Verification message.


This issue is caused by a corrupt PXE Boot Menu option.  One or more of your options have been corrupted during the upgrade process.


The easiest solution to this issue is to start deleting your PXE Boot Menu options.  Delete one at a time while testing your PXE boot.  Once you're able to see the menu again you've resolved your issue.  If you add the menu option again the issue may come back.  You will also want to check both your Shared and Individual PXE boot options.