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Mandatory app installed status becomes as 'Installed" in the device inventory when this app is not installed on the device


Article ID: 163446


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Mobility Suite


If there is a mandatory app published to production on the SMS portal and device was offline or in Airplane mode

then that targeted app will show as Installed in the device inventory and in the "apps installed by users" report

post couple of app compliance checks considering that device never came online since app was published.

No error message, app just report as installed in the device inventory and Apps installed by users report.


The problem was that when a mdm app install command is sent to the device a record is written to the 
DeviceAppVersionRelatedInfo table, but a status is not assigned to the app. The problem with this was that the
"Apps installed by users" report was seeing that the record was created for the device, and flagged the status as 
installed, which was incorrect.


Corrected the logic within the "Apps installed by users" report to correctly display the status of apps that do not 
have a mdm status reported yet as "Not installed". Also added logic for when the mdm app install command is created
to set the status to "Queued", so that the admin is aware that the app has been queued for installation on the device.

This fix will be released in SMS 5.5.1 version.