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Bounce attack validation causes some messages to fail recipient validation


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Messaging Gateway


When Messaging Gateway  (SMG) is configured to use both Bounce Attack Validation (BATV) and recipient validation some messages, including inbound out of office responses and delivery status notifications, fail recipient validation even though they have a valid BATV tag.

2016 Jul  8 21:04:04 CEST (info) ecelerity: [27758] ML-REJECT: Rejection on:, sent to host:, Audit ID
ac1e6d0e-e0bfa70100006c6e-2d-577ff923417c, 550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown#015


Although the inbound message passes the BATV check, recipient validation is performed on the recipient address with the BATV tag intact rather than the recipient address with the BATV tag stripped out. For example, recipient validation is performed against [email protected] rather than [email protected].


This issue has been addressed with the SMG 10.6.2 release.

Please see the Messaging Gateway Administration Guide for detailed instructions on how to update the SMG software.