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Jobs do not continue when a user-defined exit code and action are defined


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Ghost Solution Suite


User Defined exit codes are not processed correctly when "Response" is 'Continue' and "Result" is 'Success'.

Creating a user-defined exit code with a continue job would not continue on to the next task. This has been verified in all versions of Ghost Solution Suite (GSS).

Error 1 during script execution


Unknown at this time. This is under investigation by the Symantec Development Team.


Using the canned/default defined Exit Codes will allow tasks to continue correctly.

The current workaround for User-Defined Exit Codes is as follows:

  1. Open up the Ghost Solution Suite Console
  2. Under the 'Jobs' pane select and highlight one of your jobs
  3. Click "Add>>" then select "Run Script..."
  4. Paste in the following commands:
    1. REM Continue/Sucess end-point status cleanup
      REM User Defined exit codes are not processed correctly.
      REM User Defined exit codes are not processed correctly when
      REM Response is Continue and Result is Success.
      REM This task allows for job continuation for tasks that have
      REM user defined exit codes.
  5. Click 'Next'.
  6. Ensure the "Script Run Location" has the 'On the client computer' radio button selected, the "Client Run Environment" has the 'Production - Client-installed OS (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X)' radio button selected, and the "Security context (Windows only)" setting 'Default (local system account)' radio button is selected..
  7. Click 'Finish'.
  8. From the "Jobs" pane run the 'Pointer 1' job agianst an agent and the script should execute correctly now.