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There are situations when a user is going through the Step up process for some reason, there need to be a way so we can avoid this step up authentication process while the actual problem is investigated. Exception user feature of CA Risk Authentication provides that capability.

How can we add an user to Exception User list?


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Below are the instructions to do that.

1 Login as Global Admin to CA Administration Console.

2. Go to Case Management tab and then Manage Inbound calls

3. Input the Organization name and User information whom you want to add in Exception user.

4. Input the parameters necessary and then go to Add User to Exception List section and choose the start date and end date.


The other way is using the Webservices provided to add a user to exception list and remove it from Exception list. You can get the Webservices from $ARCOT_HOME/wsdls/admin and name is ArcotRiskFortAdminWebService.wsdl.

Here is a snippet of a valid request-

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:msgs="">














Additional Information

We can only add user to exception list from admin console but can not remove it.