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SPSS 6.0.6 user permission policies for Web Application can be used, instead of Web Application Pool role in SharePoint 2013


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Protection for SharePoint Servers


Manage SPSS 6.0.6 user permission policies for a Web Application in SharePoint 2013


User Policy within Web Application management can also be used instead of giving Web Application Pool role to SPSS service account.


Add a new ‘Permission Policy Level’ for the Web Application providing Site Collection Administrator permission along with granting all the permission policies. Assign this new permission policy to the SPSS Service Account.

Required Permission Level:
Post creation of a domain user for the SPSS Service Account, add the permissions as specified below. The installation of SPSS can be performed by the Service Account or by any other account that has the following permissions:

Installation Permissions:
o    Local admin rights on the SharePoint server.
o    Db_owner permissions on SharePoint Configuration and all SharePoint Admin Content databases.
o    The SPSS service should be configured to run with the SPSS Service Account.

Service Level Permissions:
o    Local Administrator rights
o    Db_owner permissions on SharePoint configuration and all SharePoint content databases
o    ‘Web application pool’ permissions to user for SPSS Service Account on all SharePoint Web Applications, and Farm Administrator rights
Farm Account
New Permission Policy for the user on all the SharePoint Web Applications 

Steps to add a new permission policy to the SPSS Service Account:

I.    Navigate to the ‘Central Administration’  ‘Manage Web Application’.Create new Web Application.
II.    Select the Web Application and click ‘Permission Policy’.
III.    Click ‘Add Permission Policy Level’.
IV.    Provide a ‘Name’ and check the ‘Site Collection Administrator’ checkbox. Also select the ‘Grant All’ checkbox in the ‘Permissions’ section. Save the policy.
V.    Select the Web Application again and click ‘User Policy’.
VI.    Click ‘Add User’  Select the Zone as ‘(All Zones)’  Click Next.
VII.    Add the SPSS Service Account user in ‘Choose Users’ and check the checkbox against the newly created permission policy. Click Finish.