Connections to Control Center time out after update to SMG 10.6.1-4
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Connections to Control Center time out after update to SMG 10.6.1-4


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Messaging Gateway


After updating from Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.5.4-4 to SMG 10.6.1-4, you are unable to log into the Control Center web interface. Connections are accepted but no login page is displayed and the connection eventually times out.

When checking the controlcenter service status from the command line interface (CLI) "service controlcenter status" command, the controlcenter service shows as running.



This is a known consequence of the update from v10.5.4 to v10.6.1-4. As part of the update the web application server which manages the Control Center web application needs to recompile all the JSP files before making the web application available. This is a one time action by the web application server but can take up to forty minutes on some SMG systems.



This delay in making the Control Center web application availble does not affect email scanning or delivery.

No action needs to be taken, this situation will resolve itself within an hour of the initial startup of SMG with version 10.6.1-4. If the issue persists longer than an hour after the reboot of the SMG control center appliance please contact Symantec Customer Support as some other issues may have occurred.