Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) 2.0.x Additional Upgrade Requirement
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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) 2.0.x Additional Upgrade Requirement


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


When a software update is available, you see the following notification in the upper right corner of ATP Manager: ATP Needs Attention. When you hover over this notification, you see the following message: Software update available.

ATP is not configured with the "All-in-one" Role (Management/Scanner/Proxy), but as separate "Management" and "Scanner" Appliances.


Do not proceed with the update until all the Management and Scanner Appliances are at the same version before updating the Management Appliance. If a Scanner is not at the same version as the Management Appliance, update the Scanner first.

For example, if a Scanner is still on version 2.0.1 and the Management Appliance has version 2.0.2 upgrading the Management Appliance to version 2.0.3 will cause the Scanner to no longer be able to communicate with the Management Appliance. In this case, the upgrade path should be:

  1. Upgrade the Scanner(s) to 2.0.2
  2. Upgrade the Management Appliance to 2.0.3
  3. Upgrade the Scanner(s) to 2.0.3

The Scanner(s) will continue to scan while the Management Appliance is temporarily offline during the upgrade. Information about detected Threats will be sent to the Management Appliance when it comes back online and communications have been restored.

For upgrade instructions see the "Important information about updating Symantec Advanced Threat Protection" section in Symantec™ Advanced Threat Protection 2.0.2 Release Notes or Symantec™ Advanced Threat Protection Platform 2.0.3 Release Notes