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Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) command-line install attribute "EMAILADDRESS" value is not changing the Notification Settings as expected.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange



When specifying the EMAILADDRESS attribute as part of a command-line installation of Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) the default Administrator value appears in the Notification Settings instead of the specified attribute.






The expected behavior for the feature is to modify the Notification Settings value to the value specified when utilizing EMAILADDRESS.  The EMAILADDRESS value for command-line installation is a valid attribute and will not generate errors when utilized. 



This issue is resolved in SMSMSE 7.5.5, upgrade to 7.5.5 to resolve this problem.



Post installation perform the following tasks:

  1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) Administrator Console.
  2. Click on "Monitors" in the left-hand pane.
  3. Click on "Notifiction Settings"
  4. Modify the Email Address values to reflect the expected value.
  5. Click "Deploy changes" located at the top of the console.

This process can also be performed on a group of SMSMSE servers by first clicking "Change" and selecting the "Global Group" to be modified.